EnovaNxt XLR Cable - Features & Benefits

All EnovaNxt products are proudly engineered and manufactured in Europe.

New Technology:
EnovaNxt products are based on the patented True Mold Technology. True Mold overcomes the weaknesses of the conventional manufacturing method and the individual parts.

Matching components:
With True Mold the different components of the connector and cable are merged into a fully integrated, ready-made-cable. All parts are perfectly aligned and flow seamlessly into each other.

New Look:
True Mold results in an unique and modern look, with a clear differentiation to conventionally manufactured products.

Visual appearance:
The tapered design puts an end to drooping cables often seen on stage, in studios and in broadcast.

Bending protection:
Much better bending protection of the cable due to the True Mold Technology.

Strain Relief:
The fully integrated design of the True Mold Technology results in an improved strain relief withstanding higher pull-out force

Highly robust suitable for on stage applications

Moister protection:
Improved protection of the soldering joints and therefore less prone to damage.

Gold contacts:
The gold plated XLR contacts ensure an optimal conductive, better corrosion protection and increased durably when mating frequently.

Color coding:
Can be done easily be the user thanks to the interchangeable color coding rings.

Environmental friendly packing:
No glue, no label, no glossy printing.



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