RJ45 chassis connector Cat6A feed-through

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Enova Cat6A feed-through chassis connector.   An Ethernet RJ45 feed-through receptacle is... more
Product information "RJ45 chassis connector Cat6A feed-through"

Enova Cat6A feed-through chassis connector.
An Ethernet RJ45 feed-through receptacle is used in professional audio, video and data transmission systems. It allows Ethernet cables to be securely connected through a 19" rack panel, wall box or AV equipment enclosure wall.
The RJ45 Cat6A flush mount socket provides high bandwidth data transmission solutions in demanding environments and supports diverse transmission standards. The Cat6A standard enables a data transmission rate of up to 10 gigabits per second over a maximum distance of 100 metres. This makes it ideal for applications with high bandwidth requirements such as data centres, LANs (Local Area Networks) or high-resolution video transmissions.
The Cat6A standard is backwards compatible with earlier Ethernet standards such as Cat5e and Cat6. This means that Cat6A cables can be used in existing networks with older standards. However, the advantages of the Cat6A standard can only be fully exploited with suitable hardware and cabling.
The Enova RJ45 chassis connector is made of a robust metal construction and guarantees a reliable connection. It meets the high demands of professional applications such as live events, concerts and broadcasting.
The Enova RJ45 connector fits into standardised patch panels used in the entertainment industry. The RJ45 Panel Mount Socket is easy to assemble and provides a reliable solution for connecting Ethernet cables in environments that require high mechanical strength and good shielding. The RJ45 panel jack has a nickel-plated zinc housing and a nickel-plated push button.
Depth 32.6 mm
Width 26 mm
Height 31 mm

Brand: ENOVA
Series: RJ-Serie
Version (Plug / Chassis): Chassis version
Connector type: RJ45
Connection mode: Push-button latch, Druckknopf am Chassis
Gender (M / F): Female connector
Connector housing color: Black
Wiring mode: plug adapters
Installation diameter in mm: Ø 24.00 mm
Installation fixing height x width in mm: 24.00 mm x 19.00 mm
Number of mounting holes: 2
Material connector housing: ZZnAL4-0
ROHS according to EN62321-1: Yes
Country of origin: China
Applications: video technician, Lighting technician, Sound engineer
Markets: Event Production, Personal computer, Industrial robot, Data transfer, Industry, Medical technology, Mechanical engineering, Devices construction, Plant construction, Multimedia installation, Digital signage, System integrator, Broadcast, Recording studio
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